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Where is the cancellation policy located before booking?

During your online journey the cancellation policy associated with the room, rate and hotel selected can be found in two separate locations before confirming your reservation. After selecting your travel dates and hotel of your choice you will see different room types accompanied by the rate associated with that room. It is here you will be able to first view the specific cancellation policy associated with the room rate selected, click on view room details, amenities, and policies. Once you have made your selection, you will find yourself on the checkout page. On the right hand side of the screen will be a breakdown of the hotel you have selected, dates of stay, room, taxes and associated fee's. Directly below your total amount you have a link for room cancellation policy,hotel information and fees. Clicking on this link will display your cancellation policy for your review before completing your reservation.We have provided screen shots located below. Thank you for choosing

Room details, amenities and policies:

Checkout page room cancellation policy,hotel information and fees:

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